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Simulator Broker provides:

  • Sales 

  • Dry Leasing

  • Simulator Service

  • Brokerage

  • Consignment

  • Acquisition of simulators for general aviation, airline or charter needs.

  • Consultation in setting up a "Turn Key" Simulator Training organization


We specialize in AATDs and BATDs. Simulator Broker also provides assistance with BATD conversion certification. 

If you need it, we can find it.  


Unlike many companies, Simulator Broker works with individuals and organization all throughout the industry. Flight Schools to Charter operations nationwide, if you need a simulator, we will strive to get you the best product, at the best price.  


Professional Pilot Core Values

· Commitment to Safety

· Communications

· Cockpit Leadership/ Management

· Airmanship Discipline

· CRM principles

· Pilot Judgment 

· Decision Making 

· Proactive Mindset

· Automation Proficient

· Customer service


The Simulator Broker a division of Flight West Aviation. Established in 1982

Over the years we have used both AST and Frasca simulators extensively in our own flight schools and have found them to be excellent platforms for instrument and procedural training and reliable.

Our technicians are factory trained and have years of experience servicing both simulators/ Flight Training Devices. Because of the demand for used reconditioned training devices we are able to serve our customer base with good serviceable trainers at reduced prices. 

As a customer this means that our clients get the BEST DEAL with the greatest return on investment. As brokers our goal to help clients purchase the right simulator/BATD/AATD for training within their equipment budget.


Based in Van Nuys, California


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All simulators listed on our site are for sale.*

*Dog not included

Why buy a desktop sim, when you can own a BATD or AATD for the same price!

Cant find what you're looking for?

If we are out of stock Simulator Broker can locate and

obtain simulators for buyers in need of specific Items.

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