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AST 300


AST-300 is an faa approved BATD simulator. All units come reconditioned, with spare parts and manuals/log.

AST-300 are the perfect training device for Multiengine/IFR

pilot training. This trainer has proven to be one of the most efficient and affordable training devices on the market. It provides a realistic training environment with practical application of procedures both normal and abnormal emergency procedures. Often not possible to emulate in the airplane safely. As an added bonus customers save at least $2,500 on the average rating instrument or multiengine rating with sim training and 3 times the proficiency.


Here are some money saving uses and reasons

to integrate simulators in to flight training


Multiengine-#1 Priority SAFETY

  • Systems malfunctions

  • All air-work

  • CRM and profiles

  • Emergency procedures -engine out procedures-VMC-SE go around

  • Instrument procedures

  • This curriculum has been integrated by major universities and has been found effective and accelerate the learning process with greater

     Safety and cost effective.


Instrument Pilot #Priority Proficiency

  • Refresh skills as required

  • Review IFR procedures prep for IPC/IFR/Flight check

  • IFR rating or IPC saves $$$.

  • LOFT scenario based training


The best part for the training provider is that a quality used simulator can be purchased far less than most training devices that are only MICROSOFT driven.

​​​Multiple units in stock, priced to sell.

Call or Email today to view a unit. 

  • Double wide cockpit enclosure

  • New Interior & Capt chair, inertial real seat belt.

  • Multi-engine performance PA-34-200 & BE-76, Generic twin

  • Single engine performance Cessna 172, PA-28-200

  • Instructor station and Plotter

  • All weather Day/Night/VFR/IFR Color Visual display

  • King, HSI, RMI, Dual VOR & COM, RNAV, ADF

  • 2 navigational database Proms,

  • Hamilton Magnetic Compass

  • 20,000 ft Altimeter

  • Multi-engine center console includes fuel x-feed

  • Electric Elevator & Aileron and rudder trim.

  • Dual EGT/CHT, Fuel flow

  • High speed Turbo mod

  • Rudder stabilizer mod

  • Altitude & Speed Bugs-IPAD yoke mount &power plug adapter

  • Trainer use-Airline profiles & CRM, Pre-employment screening

  • Multiengine & emergency procedures

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