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Redbird FMX

Simulator Broker is  very luck to have acquired a "like new" used Redbird FMX. New details on the simulator will be updated as we have them.


We are expecting a redbird FMX to come into stock soon. If you have questions, please feel free to call us at .


Simulator Broker committed to providing the best pricing for used simulators. But just because its used doesn't mean we sacrifice quality. 

A Redbird Simulator can add a wide range of versatility to your training program. With the ability to simulate motion, various real life scenarios both routine and emergency; a Redbird FMX is a key asset for any outfit.

Basic Redbird FMX Specs:

  • Electric motion platform

  • Fully enclosed cockpit

  • +200° wrap-around visuals

  • ATC voice lesson plans

  • Portable instructors panel software

  • Quick-change cockpit configurations

  • Single-engine configuration controls

  • G-1000 glass MFD/PFD display

  • Standard 6 pack configuration

  • G-530/430 & 6 pack cockpit display

  • Complete terrain and airport database

  • Operates on a standard 110 volt outlet

  • FAA Certified AATD

Simulator Broker does not maintain, install or warranty redbird simulators for customer protection. Redbird will not warranty simulators with outside service performed.  

Take a look at a Redbird FMX in action!

This is not the simulator for sale.
Video credits to Pilot Training America
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