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Frasca 131 SEL BATD

The perfect training device for Primary Private/IFR pilot training. This trainer has proven to be one of the most efficient and affordable training devices on the market . It provides a realistic feel and teaches practical procedures both normal and emergency often not possible to emulate in the airplane. As an added bonus, customers save at least $1,500.00 on the average rating when utilizing the sim while training. The average student pilot will solo in less then 10 hrs vs the average 15-25hrs. Here are some money saving uses and reasons to integrate simulators in to a flight training curriculum.


Student Pilot

  • Teach systems

  • All air-work-stalls-slow flight-steep turns

  • CRM and profiles

  • Communications

  • Runway safety

  • Emergency procedures -engine failure-abort-after takeoff & enroute

  • Steep spiral

  • Basic VOR navigation

  • Introduction to basic attitude instrument flying

  • This curriculum has been integrated by major universities and has been found effective and accelerate the learning process with greater

  • Safety and cost effective.


Private Pilot

  • Refresh skills as required

  • Review air work in preparation for FLIGHT REVIEW

  • IFR rating or IPC saves $$$.

  • LOFT scenario based training


The best part for the training provider is that a quality used simulator can be purchased far less than most training devices that are only MICROSOFT driven.

Call for Pricing

Model Includes 

  • Half Scale enclosure, single pilot including inertial reel seat belts

  • Full flight instrument panel, Airspeed, attitude indicator, altimeter, turn coordinator, directional gyro, VSI, and all engine instrumentation.

  • Landing gear selector position lights. Flap selector and indicator

  • Mock-up autopilot/ mode selector flight director throttle switch

  • Color Visual Display-taxiway ,runway markings VASI & App lights

  • Avionics- Dual nav/com radios, localizer and glide slope ,DME

  • Audio panels complete with Nav aids and marker beacons, transponder and Non-directional beacon receiver and indicator. 

  • Tracker/ Roland Plotter- Uses standard Jeppesen or NOS charts

  • World wide programmable data base.

  • Remote Instructor’s console- Incorporates all instrument fault panel, wind and weather ceiling and visibility, wind shear, turbulence and instant aircraft repositioning.

  • Service and operation manual operator-training Included.

  • Built in Diagnostic program

  • Custom LED controlled lighting package

  • Power required- Standard 110 volt.

  • Build shipping crate, pre-pair for shipping

  • Sales Price: Contact Us for Pricing. Best Offer, Price Negotiable

  • For Sale Nationwide, Lease options available for California based operations. 

  • Freight, Delivery ,taxes , Installation fees paid by Customer

  • Type of training-PVT-Instrument- Emergency procedures   training-LOFT-CFI-II-Recurrent

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