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  • Half Scale enclosure, single pilot captain chair & inertial reel seat belt. Ipad yoke mount with USB power connector

  • Customer rheostat glare shield led panel lighting package

  • Full flight instrument panel, Airspeed, attitude indicator, altimeter, turn coordinator, directional gyro, VSI, and all engine instrumentation.                 

  • Landing gear selector position lights.

  • Flap selector and indicator.

  • No Visual

  • High speed-complex  performance modification

  • Avionics- Dual nav/com radios, localizer and glide slope ,DME

  • audio panel complete with nav-aids and marker beacons, transponder and Non-directional beacon receiver and indicator. 

  • Tracker/ Plotter- Uses standard Jeppesen and NOS instrument approach and area navigation charts.

  • World wide programmable data base.

  • Remote Instructor’s console- Incorporates all instrument fault panel, wind and weather ceiling and visibility’s, wind shear, turbulence and instant aircraft repositioning.

Frasca 141 BATD Simulator FAA approved FAR 61&141

Approved for PVT. Pilot  2.5 hrs.

Approved for Initial IFR rating 10Hrs

Recurrent 6 approaches and Holding

Instrument Proficiency Check 85% Sim (15%) Aircraft.

Regional Airline Prep & (LOFT) Line Orientation Training

Frasca 141 ASEL

FAA Approved BATD Simulator

Model Includes


Reduced $7,500


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