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         Trainer Model Includes

  • Half Scale Double wide enclosure, 2 Capt. Chairs & inertial real seatbelts , Ipad yoke mount with USB power connector


  • One Full set of six pack flight instruments, speed bugs /HSI,RMI and engine instrumentation. Fixed pitch and constant speed Single engine High performance turbo prop-PC12&C-208/Jet models included.


  • 3 light Landing gear selector position lights.

  • Pilot controlled rheostat customer led panel lighting

  • Flap selector and indicator.

  • Avionics- Dual nav/com radios, HSI- RMI & LOC/GS- DME/RNAV


  • Audio panel complete with nav-aids, marker beacons, transponder & NDB/RMI- HSI-push to talk-Go around throttle button, Auto pilot CPT mode selector & yoke mounted disconnect button, alt selector


  • Tracker/Plotter- Uses standard Jeppesen and NOS instrument approach and area navigation charts, 3 dimensional view.


  • World wide programmable data base. GIST SYSTEM

  • Remote Instructor’s console- Incorporates all instrument fault panel, wind & weather ceiling, visibility, wind shear, turbulence & instant aircraft repositioning.

Specially built trainer for Airline Crew training

  • Airline Pre-employment screening

  • 1ST Officer initial & Capt. upgrade

  • CRM & ADM skills


Available DRY LEASE or contract Crew pre-employment screening

Airline crew flight training device

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