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Frasca 242 

FAA Approved AATD

Model Includes 

  • Double wide fiber glass cockpit double wide enclosure, includes 2 captain chairs.    

  • Dual instrumentation 6 pack-Full flight LED instrument panel- Airspeed-ADI, altimeter, HSI- VSI- turn coordinator

  • Dual controls including rudder pedals

  • Glare shield LED  rheostat controlled lighting package

  • Engine instrumentation for both single and multiengine.

  • Flight model performance single/multiengine- control loading

  • Landing gear selector position lights.

  • Flap selector and indicator.

  • Electric trim

  • Avionics-,Actual Garmin 430 nav/com, LED computer generated HSI, localizer glide slope King  # 2 King NAV/Com equipped ,Garmin audio panel marker beacons, transponder and Non-directional beacon receiver and indicator Tru-Flight projection 160 degree wrap around Color Visual - day & night displays runway & lighting.

  • Flat screen computer Tracker/ displays horizontal, vertical, altitude, airspeed profile

  • Remote Instructor’s console- Incorporates all instrument fault panel, wind and weather ceiling and visibility, wind shear, turbulence & system failures

  • Non Motion

  • Wrap Around Projection Display

  • Garmin 430 USA data base

  • Built in maintenance diagnostic program

The Frasca 242 AATD is FAA approved under 61&141Regs

This simulator is great for PVT-COMM-IFR-LOFT & Airline prep-CRM ATP-IPC & IFR recurrent training.

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A look at the Frasca 242
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